Chapter 10. Kopete: Instant Messaging


10.1. Configuring Kopete
10.2. Chatting with Friends
10.3. Customizing Kopete
10.4. For More Information

Kopete is an online messenger application allowing multiple partners connected to the Internet to chat with each other. Kopete currently supports all common messenger protocols, such as AOL* Instant Messenger (AIM), GroupWise® Messenger, ICQ, Jabber*, SMS, Skype*, WinPopup and Yahoo!*.

10.1. Configuring Kopete

Before you can chat with your friends, you need to create an account:

  1. Open Kopete by pressing Alt+F2 and entering kopete. If Kopete does not start, check if the package kopete is installed.

  2. Select Settings+Configure and click Add Accounts.... The configuration wizard appears.

  3. Select your messaging service. Generally, this is mostly determined by what service your friends are using.

  4. If the messaging services requires registration but you do not have an account for this service yet, click Register New Account. In the browser window that opens, enter your user data to register.

  5. Switch back to Kopete and enter the data received on registration with the messaging service. This usually consists of the nickname or email address and a password. Complete the configuration of your account by clicking Finish.

After you have configured your account you need to add contacts to chat with them. If you have already created an account on another PC, this data is imported and automatically added to your contact list after login. To manually create a contact entry, click File+Add Contact. A new assistant appears to help with creation. However, you must be online and connect with Kopete to the selected messaging service to add a contact to your list.

10.2. Chatting with Friends

It is necessary to be connected to the Internet to be able to chat with other participants. When this is done, you should set your status by clicking File+Set Status+Online. This establishes a connection between Kopete and the selected messaging service. After the successful login, you are visible to others.

The main application windows features a list of contacts. You must have contacts to chat with others. To add a new contact, click on File+Add Contact and choose your identity. After you have entered the relevant data (which can vary depending on your account) you see your new contact. When you right-click a contact marked as online, a menu opens with various options. Send that person a message or start a chatting session. A chat allows the invitation of additional participants for real-time discussion. Connection to all participants is closed when the creator of the chat session closes it.

Figure 10.1. Chat Window

Chat Window

If you want to see your previous chat session, select a contact and go to Tools+Latest History. This menu item shows your chat sessions with this person. Conversely, you can select Edit+View History. This opens a window where you can see an overview of all contacts and there saved messages.

You can view other options by right-clicking a username. A pop-up menu opens. An important option is Start Chat to start a chatting session. With Rename Contact and Remove Contact, you can run the relevant action. The pop-up menu also contains a submenu item with the username where you can block the user or get user information.

[Tip]Scrolling Through Old Chat Sessions

If you want to know what you wrote during one of the last chat sessions with a person, click a contact to open the chat window again and press Alt+ or Alt+ to scroll through your sessions. Alternatively, use the arrow icons in the toolbar to scroll back and forth.

10.3. Customizing Kopete

Kopete offers numerous options to customize it according to your needs. Find some examples in the following sections.

10.3.1. Adding Groups

Grouping contacts in your list can give a better overview. Click File+Create New Group. Name the group and confirm this with OK. A new folder appears in the contact list that can be used to store the desired contacts. Drag and drop contacts into the desired folder.

Figure 10.2. The Main Kopete Window

The Main Kopete Window

Empty groups can be disabled by activating Settings+Hide Empty Groups. To customize a special group only, right-click the relevant entry and select Properties in the popup window that opens. Now change the icons or your notifications.

10.3.2. Using an Identity

Kopete can manage several accounts, which is helpful if you have friends using different messenger protocols. Each account can be associated with a different identity. This is useful for privacy or business reasons. To create a new identity, proceed as follows:

  1. In Kopete, select Settings+Configure and go to the Accounts tab. The configuration window appears.

  2. Select Add Identity... and enter a name, nickname, and other information.

  3. If you want to use the new identity for different accounts, simply move your account into your new identity.

10.3.3. Configuring Notifications

Kopete allows you to configure notifications for events such as contacts coming online or going offline or an incoming message for you. This can be done globally, for a specific group or a single contact.

To activate the notifications option proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure all your contacts are shown in the Kopete window. If not, select Settings+Show Offline Users.

  2. Right-click your preferred contact and select Properties. The notification dialog appears, see Figure 10.3

    Figure 10.3. Notification Dialog in Kopete

    Notification Dialog in Kopete

  3. Go to the Custom Notification tab and select Contact Gone Online.

  4. Decide which action should be executed for this event: Play a Sound, Show a Message in a Popup, Log to a File, Mark Taskbar Entry, or Run Command.

  5. Click OK to confirm your settings.

To modify the default notification options, select Settings+Notifications. Select which event is important for you and change the notification settings. For example, if you want to be informed by a sound when any of your contacts has come online, select A contact has come online and activate Play a sound. Select the sound and click OK to close the configuration dialog.

10.3.4. Configuring Kopete Plug-ins

Kopete offers some nice extensions for you chat sessions which can be accessed from Settings+Configure Plugins. For example, you can auto replace text, encrypt outgoing messages, highlight text (if the message contains some interesting words), render LaTeX formulas, or translate messages.

10.4. For More Information

More information about Kopete and chats can be found on the following Web sites: