TextMode — Check if the UI is running in text (NCurses) mode.


true TextMode (void); 



if text mode, false if GUI (Qt / Gtk).


This checks if a text mode UI (NCurses) is currently running. Please notice that this is almost always bad style. The purpose of the YaST2 UI is to have an abstraction layer to avoid this kind of check.

When you find yourself using this built-in, please check if there is really no other way. In particular, NEVER rely on this check to make any assumptions on the UI's capabilities. Rather, use the map entries from UI::GetDisplayInfo() or UI::HasSpecialWidget().

If you feel you must make a difference between text mode and GUI mode for a dialog's layout, please check if that dialog is not simply overcrowded and thus should be redesigned - it is very likely that it is also overly complex.

Also keep in mind that layout units are UI independent; a spacing should consume about the same amount of space in all UIs. A Qt UI 800x600 main window corresponds to 80x25 layout units, i.e. the typical NCurses terminal size.