Reference — User Interface

Table of Contents

I. Event-related UI Builtin Functions
UI::UserInput — Waits for user input and returns a widget ID.
UI::PollInput — Checks for pending user input. Does not wait. Returns a widget ID or nil if no input is available.
UI::TimeoutUserInput — Waits for user input and returns a widget ID. Returns ID `timeout if no input is available for timeout milliseconds.
UI::WaitForEvent — Waits for user input and returns an event map. Returns ID `timeout if no input is available for timeout milliseconds.
AskForExistingDirectory — Ask user for existing directory
AskForExistingFile — Ask user for existing file
AskForSaveFileName — Ask user for a file to save data to.
Beep — Beeps the system bell
BusyCursor — Sets the mouse cursor to the busy cursor
ChangeWidget — Changes widget contents
CheckShortcuts — Performs an explicit shortcut check after postponing shortcut checks.
CloseDialog() — Closes an open dialog
DumpWidgetTree — Debugging function
FakeUserInput — Fakes User Input
GetDisplayInfo — Gets Display Info
GetLanguage — Gets Language
GetProductName — Gets Product Name
Glyph — Returns a special character (a 'glyph')
HasSpecialWidget — Checks for support of a special widget type.
MakeScreenShot — Makes Screen Shot
NormalCursor — Sets the mouse cursor to the normal cursor
OpenDialog — Opens a Dialog with options
PlayMacro — Plays a recorded macro
PollInput — Poll Input
PostponeShortcutCheck — Postpones Shortcut Check
QueryWidget — Queries Widget contents
RecalcLayout — Recalculates Layout
Recode — Recodes encoding of string from or to "UTF-8" encoding.
RecordMacro — Records Macro into a file
RedrawScreen — Redraws the screen
RunInTerminal — runs external program in the same terminal
RunPkgSelection — Initializes and run the PackageSelector widget
SetConsoleFont — Sets Console Font
SetFocus — Sets Focus to the specified widget
SetFunctionKeys — Sets the (default) function keys for a number of buttons.
SetKeyboard — Sets Keyboard
SetLanguage — Sets the language of the UI
SetProductName — Sets Product Name
StopRecordingMacro — Stops recording macro
TextMode — Check if the UI is running in text (NCurses) mode.
TimeoutUserInput — User Input with Timeout
UserInput — User Input
WFM/SCR — callback
WaitForEvent — Waits for Event
WidgetExists — Checks whether or not a widget with the given ID currently exists
WizardCommand — Runs a wizard command
AAA_All-Widgets — Generic options for all widgets
BarGraph — Horizontal bar graph (optional widget)
BusyIndicator — Graphical busy indicator
ButtonBox — Layout for push buttons that takes button order into account
CheckBox — Clickable on/off toggle button
CheckBoxFrame — Frame with clickable on/off toggle button
ComboBox — drop-down list selection (optionally editable)
DateField — Date input field
DownloadProgress — Self-polling file growth progress indicator (optional widget)
DumbTab — Simplistic tab widget that behaves like push buttons
Empty — Placeholder widget
Frame — Frame with label
Graph — graph
HBox — Generic layout: Arrange widgets horizontally or vertically
HSpacing — Fixed size empty space for layout
HSquash — Layout aid: Minimize widget to its preferred size
HWeight — Control relative size of layouts
Image — Pixmap image
InputField — Input field
IntField — Numeric limited range input field
Label — Simple static text
Left — Layout alignment
LogView — scrollable log lines like "tail -f"
MarginBox — Margins around one child widget
MenuButton — Button with popup menu
MinWidth — Layout minimum size
MultiLineEdit — multiple line text edit field
MultiSelectionBox — Selection box that allows selecton of multiple items
PackageSelector — Complete software package selection
PartitionSplitter — Hard disk partition splitter tool (optional widget)
PatternSelector — High-level widget to select software patterns (selections)
PkgSpecial — Package selection special - DON'T USE IT
ProgressBar — Graphical progress indicator
PushButton — Perform action on click
RadioButton — Clickable on/off toggle button for radio boxes
RadioButtonGroup — Radio box - select one of many radio buttons
ReplacePoint — Pseudo widget to replace parts of a dialog
RichText — Static text with HTML-like formatting
SelectionBox — Scrollable list selection
SimplePatchSelector — Simplified approach to patch selection
Slider — Numeric limited range input (optional widget)
Table — Multicolumn table widget
TimeField — Time input field
TimezoneSelector — Timezone selector map
Tree — Scrollable tree selection
VMultiProgressMeter — Progress bar with multiple segments (optional widget)
Wizard — Wizard frame - not for general use, use the Wizard:: module instead!
A. UI Richtext