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FSize Class Reference

#include <FSize.h>

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Public Types

enum  Unit {
  B = 0, K, M, G,

Public Member Functions

 FSize (const long long size_r=0)
 FSize (const long long size_r, const Unit unit_r)
 FSize (const std::string &sizeStr, const Unit unit_r=B)
 operator long long () const
FSizeoperator+= (const long long rhs)
FSizeoperator-= (const long long rhs)
FSizeoperator*= (const long long rhs)
FSizeoperator/= (const long long rhs)
FSizeoperator++ ()
FSizeoperator-- ()
FSize operator++ (int)
FSize operator-- (int)
FSizefillBlock (FSize blocksize_r=KB)
FSize fullBlock (FSize blocksize_r=KB) const
long long operator() (const Unit unit_r) const
Unit bestUnit () const
std::string form (const Unit unit_r, unsigned fw=0, unsigned prec=bestPrec, const bool showunit=true) const
std::string form (unsigned fw=0, unsigned prec=bestPrec, const bool showunit=true) const
std::string asString () const

Static Public Member Functions

static long long factor (const Unit unit_r)
static const char * unit (const Unit unit_r)

Static Public Attributes

static const long long KB = 1024
static const long long MB = 1024 * KB
static const long long GB = 1024 * MB
static const long long TB = 1024 * GB
static const unsigned bestPrec = (unsigned)-1

Detailed Description

Store and operate on (file/package/partition) sizes (long long).

Member Enumeration Documentation

The Units

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FSize::FSize ( const long long  size_r = 0) [inline]

Construct from size in Byte.

FSize::FSize ( const long long  size_r,
const Unit  unit_r 
) [inline]

Construct from size in certain unit. E.g. FSize( 1, FSize::K ) makes 1024 Byte.

FSize::FSize ( const std::string &  sizeStr,
const Unit  unit_r = B 

Construct from string containing a number in given unit.

Member Function Documentation

std::string FSize::asString ( ) const

Default string representation (precision 1 and unit appended).

FSize::Unit FSize::bestUnit ( ) const

Return the best unit for string representation.

static long long FSize::factor ( const Unit  unit_r) [inline, static]

Return ammount of Byte in Unit.

FSize & FSize::fillBlock ( FSize  blocksize_r = KB)

Adjust size to multiple of blocksize_r

std::string FSize::form ( const Unit  unit_r,
unsigned  fw = 0,
unsigned  prec = bestPrec,
const bool  showunit = true 
) const

Return string representation in given Unit. Parameter fw and prec denote field width and precision as in a "%*.*f" printf format string. Avalue of bestPrec automatically picks an appropriate precision depending on the unit. If showunit ist true, the string representaion of Unit is appended separated by a single blank.

If Unit is Byte, precision is set to zero.

std::string FSize::form ( unsigned  fw = 0,
unsigned  prec = bestPrec,
const bool  showunit = true 
) const [inline]

Return string representation in bestUnit.

FSize FSize::fullBlock ( FSize  blocksize_r = KB) const [inline]

Return size adjusted to multiple of blocksize_r

FSize::operator long long ( ) const [inline]

Conversion to long long

long long FSize::operator() ( const Unit  unit_r) const [inline]

Return size in Unit ( not rounded )

static const char* FSize::unit ( const Unit  unit_r) [inline, static]

String representation of Unit.

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned FSize::bestPrec = (unsigned)-1 [static]

Used as precision argument to form(), the 'best' precision according to Unist is chosen.

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