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ImplPtr< _Impl > Class Template Reference

#include <ImplPtr.h>

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Public Types

typedef _Impl element_type

Public Member Functions

 ImplPtr (_Impl *impl_r=0)
void reset (_Impl *impl_r=0)
void swap (ImplPtr rhs)
 operator unspecified_bool_type () const
const _Impl & operator* () const
const _Impl * operator-> () const
const _Impl * get () const
_Impl & operator* ()
_Impl * operator-> ()
_Impl * get ()

Detailed Description

template<class _Impl>
class ImplPtr< _Impl >

Helper template class for implementation pointers (pointers to a private class or structure that hold the member variables of a higher-level class that is part of a public API).

This pointer class maintains constness of its parent class, i.e. if it is used in a const class the class this pointer points to will also be const.

This class automatically deletes the class it points to in its destructor.

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