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 YHelpButtonHandler (YDialog *dialog)
YEventfilter (YEvent *event)

Detailed Description

Helper class: Event filter that handles "Help" buttons.

Member Function Documentation

YEvent* YHelpButtonHandler::filter ( YEvent event) [inline, virtual]

The heart of the matter: The event filter function. Derived classes are required to implement this.

This method can inspect the event it receives. Hint: event->widget() is typically the most interesting information.

This method can react on individual events and

  • consume the event (i.e., return 0)
  • pass the event through unchanged (simply return the event)
  • create a new event (typically based on data in the received event).

If 0 or a new event (another value than 'event') is returned, the old event is deleted. If a value different from 'event' or 0 is returned, that value is assumed to be a pointer to a newly created event. The dialog will assume ownership of that event and delete it when appropriate.

Note: Never delete 'event' in this method! Return 0 or a new event instead; the caller will take care of deleting the old event.

Implements YEventFilter.

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