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YKeyEvent Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 YKeyEvent (const string &keySymbol, YWidget *focusWidget=0)
string keySymbol () const
YWidgetfocusWidget () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~YKeyEvent ()

Protected Attributes

string _keySymbol

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

YKeyEvent::YKeyEvent ( const string &  keySymbol,
YWidget focusWidget = 0 


Create a key event with a specified key symbol (a text describing the key, such as "CursorLeft", "F1", etc.) and optionally the widget that currently has the keyboard focus.

virtual YKeyEvent::~YKeyEvent ( ) [inline, protected, virtual]

Protected destructor - events can only be deleted via YDialog::deleteEvent(). The associated dialog will take care of this event and delete it when appropriate.

Member Function Documentation

YWidget* YKeyEvent::focusWidget ( ) const [inline]

Returns the widget that currently has the keyboard focus.

This might be 0 if no widget has the focus or if the creator of this event could not obtain that information.

string YKeyEvent::keySymbol ( ) const [inline]

Returns the key symbol - a text describing the key, such as "CursorLeft", "F1", "a", "A", etc.

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