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YPartitionSplitter Class Reference

#include <YPartitionSplitter.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~YPartitionSplitter ()
virtual const char * widgetClass () const
virtual int value ()=0
virtual void setValue (int newValue)=0
int usedSize () const
int totalFreeSize () const
int minFreeSize () const
int maxFreeSize () const
int freeSize ()
int newPartSize ()
int minNewPartSize () const
int maxNewPartSize () const
string usedLabel () const
string freeLabel () const
string newPartLabel () const
string freeFieldLabel () const
string newPartFieldLabel () const
virtual bool setProperty (const string &propertyName, const YPropertyValue &val)
virtual YPropertyValue getProperty (const string &propertyName)
virtual const YPropertySetpropertySet ()
const char * userInputProperty ()

Protected Member Functions

 YPartitionSplitter (YWidget *parent, int usedSize, int totalFreeSize, int newPartSize, int minNewPartSize, int minFreeSize, const string &usedLabel, const string &freeLabel, const string &newPartLabel, const string &freeFieldLabel, const string &newPartFieldLabel)

Detailed Description

PartitionSplitter: A (very custom) widget for easily splitting one existing partition into two.


+--------------------+---------------+--------------------------+ | Old Partition | Old Partition | New Partition | | used | free | | +--------------------+---------------+--------------------------+

Old Partition free New Partition [ 123 ] ================O================================ [ 123 ]

At the top, there is a BarGraph that dynamicylla displays the sizes in graphical form. Below are an IntField to the left and an IntField to the right, each with its respective label. Between the two IntFields there is a Slider.

The user can enter a value in either IntField or drag the slider. The other sub-widgets (including the BarGraph) will automatically be adjusted. Visually (in the BarGraph), the border between "old partition free" and "new partition" will move left and right. The border between "old partition used" and "old partition free" is static.

There are built-in (configurable) limits for the minimum sizes of "old partition free" and "new partition".

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

YPartitionSplitter::YPartitionSplitter ( YWidget parent,
int  usedSize,
int  totalFreeSize,
int  newPartSize,
int  minNewPartSize,
int  minFreeSize,
const string &  usedLabel,
const string &  freeLabel,
const string &  newPartLabel,
const string &  freeFieldLabel,
const string &  newPartFieldLabel 
) [protected]


usedSize: Used size of the old partition (constant)

totalFreeSize: Total free size of the old partition before the split: OldPartitionFree + NewPartition

newPartSize': Initial size of the new partition

minNewPartSize: Miminum size of the new partition

minFreeSize: Minimum free size of the old partition

usedLabel: BarGraph label for the used part of the old partition

freeLabel: BarGraph label for the free part of the old partition

newPartLabel: BarGraph label for the new partition

freeFieldLabel: IntField label for the free part of the old partition

newPartFieldLabel: IntField label for the size of the new partition

YPartitionSplitter::~YPartitionSplitter ( ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

YPropertyValue YPartitionSplitter::getProperty ( const string &  propertyName) [virtual]

Get a property. Reimplemented from YWidget.

This method may throw YUIPropertyExceptions.

Reimplemented from YWidget.

const YPropertySet & YPartitionSplitter::propertySet ( ) [virtual]

Return this class's property set. This also initializes the property upon the first call.

Reimplemented from YWidget.

Reimplemented from YWidget.

bool YPartitionSplitter::setProperty ( const string &  propertyName,
const YPropertyValue val 
) [virtual]

Set a property. Reimplemented from YWidget.

This function may throw YUIPropertyExceptions.

This function returns 'true' if the value was successfully set and 'false' if that value requires special handling (not in error cases: those are covered by exceptions).

Reimplemented from YWidget.

virtual void YPartitionSplitter::setValue ( int  newValue) [pure virtual]

Set the value (the size of the new partition).

Derived classes are required to implement this.

const char* YPartitionSplitter::userInputProperty ( ) [inline, virtual]

The name of the widget property that will return user input. Inherited from YWidget.

Reimplemented from YWidget.

virtual int YPartitionSplitter::value ( ) [pure virtual]

The value of this PartitionSplitter: The size of the new partition.

Derived classes are required to implement this.

virtual const char* YPartitionSplitter::widgetClass ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Returns a descriptive name of this widget class for logging, debugging etc.

Reimplemented from YWidget.

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