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YRpmGroupsTree Class Reference

#include <YRpmGroupsTree.h>

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Public Member Functions

 YRpmGroupsTree ()
virtual ~YRpmGroupsTree ()
YStringTreeItemaddRpmGroup (const std::string &rpmGroup)
std::string rpmGroup (const YStringTreeItem *node)
std::string translatedRpmGroup (const YStringTreeItem *node)
void addFallbackRpmGroups ()

Detailed Description

Efficient storage for RPM group tags

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

YRpmGroupsTree::YRpmGroupsTree ( )


YRpmGroupsTree::~YRpmGroupsTree ( ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void YRpmGroupsTree::addFallbackRpmGroups ( )

Add a predefined set of RPM groups

YStringTreeItem* YRpmGroupsTree::addRpmGroup ( const std::string &  rpmGroup) [inline]

Insert an RPM group into this tree if not already present. Splits the RPM group string ("abc/def/ghi") and creates tree items for each level as required. Returns the tree entry for this RPM group.

std::string YRpmGroupsTree::rpmGroup ( const YStringTreeItem node) [inline]

Returns the complete (untranslated) RPM group tag string for 'node'.

std::string YRpmGroupsTree::translatedRpmGroup ( const YStringTreeItem node) [inline]

Returns the complete translated RPM group tag string for 'node'.

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