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YSlider Class Reference

#include <YSlider.h>

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YIntField YWidget

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~YSlider ()
virtual const char * widgetClass () const

Protected Member Functions

 YSlider (YWidget *parent, const string &label, int minValue, int maxValue)

Detailed Description

Slider: Input widget for an integer value between a minimum and a maximum value. Very similar to IntField in semantics, but with a graphical slider that can be dragged to the desired value. It also contains an IntField to allow entering the value directly.

Don't confuse this widget with ProgressBar: ProgressBar is output-only.

This is an optional widget, i.e. not all UIs support it.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

YSlider::YSlider ( YWidget parent,
const string &  label,
int  minValue,
int  maxValue 
) [protected]


Create a Slider with 'label' as the caption, and the specified minimum and maximum values.

Note that YWidgetFactory::createSlider() also has an 'initialValue' parameter that is not used here (because the current value is not stored in this base class, but in the derived class).

YSlider::~YSlider ( ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* YSlider::widgetClass ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Returns a descriptive name of this widget class for logging, debugging etc.

Reimplemented from YIntField.

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