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YStringWidgetID Class Reference

#include <YWidgetID.h>

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Public Member Functions

 YStringWidgetID (const string &value)
virtual ~YStringWidgetID ()
virtual bool isEqual (YWidgetID *otherID) const
virtual string toString () const
string value () const
const string & valueConstRef () const

Detailed Description

Simple widget ID class based on strings.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

YStringWidgetID::YStringWidgetID ( const string &  value)


YStringWidgetID::~YStringWidgetID ( ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

bool YStringWidgetID::isEqual ( YWidgetID otherID) const [virtual]

Check if this ID is equal to another.

Reimplemented from YWidgetID.

Implements YWidgetID.

string YStringWidgetID::toString ( ) const [virtual]

Convert the ID value to string. Used for logging and debugging.

Reimplemented from YWidgetID.

Implements YWidgetID.

string YStringWidgetID::value ( ) const

Return the ID value.

const string & YStringWidgetID::valueConstRef ( ) const

Return the ID value as a const ref.

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