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YTimezoneSelector Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~YTimezoneSelector ()
virtual const char * widgetClass () const
virtual bool setProperty (const string &propertyName, const YPropertyValue &val)
virtual YPropertyValue getProperty (const string &propertyName)
virtual const YPropertySetpropertySet ()
virtual std::string currentZone () const =0
virtual void setCurrentZone (const std::string &zone, bool zoom)=0

Protected Member Functions

 YTimezoneSelector (YWidget *parent, const string &pixmap, const map< string, string > &timezones)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

YTimezoneSelector::YTimezoneSelector ( YWidget parent,
const string &  pixmap,
const map< string, string > &  timezones 
) [protected]

Constructor. This widget isn't doing much on it's own, but the UI may have some fancy use.

  • pixmap should be a png or jpg of a world map with centered 0°0° and the timezones are a map between entry and user visible string.

The widget is only displaying timezones/cities in that map

YTimezoneSelector::~YTimezoneSelector ( ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual std::string YTimezoneSelector::currentZone ( ) const [pure virtual]

subclasses have to implement this to return value

YPropertyValue YTimezoneSelector::getProperty ( const string &  propertyName) [virtual]

Get a property. Reimplemented from YWidget.

This method may throw YUIPropertyExceptions.

Reimplemented from YWidget.

const YPropertySet & YTimezoneSelector::propertySet ( ) [virtual]

Return this class's property set. This also initializes the property upon the first call.

Reimplemented from YWidget.

Reimplemented from YWidget.

virtual void YTimezoneSelector::setCurrentZone ( const std::string &  zone,
bool  zoom 
) [pure virtual]

subclasses have to implement this to set value

bool YTimezoneSelector::setProperty ( const string &  propertyName,
const YPropertyValue val 
) [virtual]

Set a property. Reimplemented from YWidget.

This function may throw YUIPropertyExceptions.

This function returns 'true' if the value was successfully set and 'false' if that value requires special handling (not in error cases: those are covered by exceptions).

Reimplemented from YWidget.

virtual const char* YTimezoneSelector::widgetClass ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Return a descriptive name of this widget class for logging, debugging etc.

Reimplemented from YWidget.

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