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YTransText Class Reference

#include <YTransText.h>

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Public Member Functions

 YTransText (const std::string &orig, const std::string &translation)
 YTransText (const std::string &orig)
 YTransText (const YTransText &src)
YTransTextoperator= (const YTransText &src)
const std::string & orig () const
const std::string & translation () const
const std::string & trans () const
void setOrig (const std::string &newOrig)
void setTranslation (const std::string &newTrans)
bool operator< (const YTransText &other) const
bool operator> (const YTransText &other) const
bool operator== (const YTransText &other) const

Detailed Description

Helper class for translated strings: Stores a message in the original (untranslated) version along with the translation into the current locale.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

YTransText::YTransText ( const std::string &  orig,
const std::string &  translation 
) [inline]

Constructor with both original and translated message.

YTransText::YTransText ( const std::string &  orig) [inline]

Constructor that automatically translates the original message.

YTransText::YTransText ( const YTransText src) [inline]

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

bool YTransText::operator< ( const YTransText other) const [inline]

operator< : Compares translations.

YTransText& YTransText::operator= ( const YTransText src) [inline]

Assignment operator.

bool YTransText::operator== ( const YTransText other) const [inline]

operator== : Compares translations.

bool YTransText::operator> ( const YTransText other) const [inline]

operator> : Compares translations.

const std::string& YTransText::orig ( ) const [inline]

Return the original message.

void YTransText::setOrig ( const std::string &  newOrig) [inline]

Set the original message. Does not touch the translation, so make sure you change both if you want to keep them synchronized!

void YTransText::setTranslation ( const std::string &  newTrans) [inline]

Set the translation.

const std::string& YTransText::trans ( ) const [inline]

Return the translation. ( alias, just as a shortcut )

const std::string& YTransText::translation ( ) const [inline]

Return the translation.

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