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YUIException Class Reference

#include <YUIException.h>

Inheritance diagram for YUIException:
YUIButtonRoleMismatchException YUICantLoadAnyUIException YUIDialogStackingOrderException YUIIndexOutOfRangeException YUIInvalidChildException< YWidget > YUIInvalidDimensionException YUIInvalidWidgetException YUINoDialogException YUINullPointerException YUIOutOfMemoryException YUIPluginException YUIPropertyException YUISyntaxErrorException YUITooManyChildrenException< YWidget > YUIUnsupportedWidgetException YUIWidgetNotFoundException

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Public Member Functions

 YUIException ()
 YUIException (const string &msg_r)
virtual ~YUIException () throw ()
const YCodeLocationwhere () const
void relocate (const YCodeLocation &newLocation) const
const string & msg () const
void setMsg (const string &msg)
string asString () const
virtual const char * what () const throw ()

Static Public Member Functions

static string strErrno (int errno_r)
static string strErrno (int errno_r, const string &msg)
static void log (const YUIException &exception, const YCodeLocation &location, const char *const prefix)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ostream & dumpOn (ostream &str) const


ostream & operator<< (ostream &str, const YUIException &obj)

Detailed Description

Base class for UI Exceptions.

Exception offers to store a message string passed to the constructor. Derived classes may provide additional information. Overload dumpOn to provide a proper error text.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

YUIException::YUIException ( )

Default constructor. Use YUI_THROW to throw exceptions.

YUIException::YUIException ( const string &  msg_r)

Constructor taking a message. Use YUI_THROW to throw exceptions.

YUIException::~YUIException ( ) throw () [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

string YUIException::asString ( ) const

Error message provided by dumpOn as string.

ostream & YUIException::dumpOn ( ostream &  str) const [protected, virtual]
void YUIException::log ( const YUIException exception,
const YCodeLocation location,
const char *const  prefix 
) [static]

Drop a log line on throw, catch or rethrow. Used by YUI_THROW macros.

const string& YUIException::msg ( ) const [inline]

Return the message string provided to the constructor. Note: This is not neccessarily the complete error message. The whole error message is provided by asString or dumpOn.

void YUIException::relocate ( const YCodeLocation newLocation) const [inline]

Exchange location on rethrow.

void YUIException::setMsg ( const string &  msg) [inline]

Set a new message string.

string YUIException::strErrno ( int  errno_r) [static]

Make a string from errno_r.

string YUIException::strErrno ( int  errno_r,
const string &  msg 
) [static]

Make a string from errno_r and msg_r.

virtual const char* YUIException::what ( ) const throw () [inline, virtual]

Return message string.

Reimplemented from std::exception.

const YCodeLocation& YUIException::where ( ) const [inline]

Return YCodeLocation.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

ostream& operator<< ( ostream &  str,
const YUIException obj 
) [friend]

YUIException stream output

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