libzypp  13.10.6
Here is a list of all modules:
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oBoost libraries.Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
oLibsolv interfaceInterface to sat-pool and sat-solver
oLibzypp History FileLog important events like installation/deletion of packages and repositories
oEnumeration Class
oRAII solutions
oCRTP solutions
oBackend Specific
oFilters and Functors
|oFunctors for building compex queries.Some logical functors to build more complex queries:
|oCollection solvable filter functors.All functors should be able to process Solvable as well as PoolItem
|\Filter functors operating on ResObjects.A simple filter is a function or functor matching the signature:
oDebug tools
oZYPP_THROW macrosMacros for throwing Exception
oBoost.Iterator Library
oZYPP_BASE_LOGGER_MACROSConvenience macros for logging
oSmart pointer typesSmart pointer types
oRegular expression matchingRegular expressions using the glibc regex library
oComparison using relational operator zypp::Rel.
oZYPP_RESOLVABLE_SMART_POINTER_TYPESResolvable smart pointer types
\Zypp Configuration OptionsThe global zypp.conf configuration file is per default located in /etc/zypp/