libzypp  17.5.0
Deprecated List
Member compareByN
Get rid of refcout/smart_prt bloat, use
Member operator+
: use /
Member zypp::filesystem::Pathname::operator+= (const Pathname &path_tv)
: use /=
Member zypp::ResObject::vendor () const
Though typedef'ed to std::string, Vendor is actually an IdString.
Member zypp::sat::Pool::multiversionEmpty () const
Legacy, use multiversion().empty() instead.
Member zypp::target::CommitPackageCache::CommitPackageCache (const Pathname &, const PackageProvider &packageProvider_r=RepoProvidePackage()) ZYPP_DEPRECATED
Legacy Ctor; Pathname rootDir_r is not used.
Member zypp::target::rpm::InstallResolvableReport::RpmLevel
We fortunately no longer do 3 attempts.