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Applies to openSUSE Leap 15.1

Part II Connectivity, Files and Resources Edit source

5 Accessing Network Resources

From your desktop, you can access files and directories or certain services on remote hosts or make your own files and directories available to other users in your network. openSUSE® Leap offers the following ways of accessing and creating network shared resources.

6 Managing Printers

openSUSE® Leap makes it easy to print your documents, whether your computer is connected directly to a printer or linked remotely on a network. This chapter describes how to set up printers in openSUSE Leap and manage print jobs.

7 Backing Up User Data

The Backup tool is a simple framework to let users back up and restore their own data such as home directories or selected files. It is possible to create scheduled backups or backups on request, and to play back a previous state of this data.

8 Passwords and Keys: Signing and Encrypting Data

The GNOME Passwords and Keys program is an important component of the encryption infrastructure on your system. With this program, you can create and manage PGP and SSH keys, import, export and share keys, back up your keys and keyring, and cache your passphrase.

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