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Start-Up / Managing and updating software / Installing add-on products
Applies to openSUSE Leap 15.4

10 Installing add-on products

Add-on products are system extensions. You can install a third party add-on product or a special system extension of openSUSE® Leap (for example, a CD with support for additional languages or a CD with binary drivers). To install a new add-on, start YaST and select Software › Add-On Products. You can select various types of product media, like CD, FTP, USB mass storage devices (such as USB flash drives or disks) or a local directory. You can also work directly with ISO files. To add an add-on as ISO file medium, select Local ISO Image then enter the Path to ISO Image. The Repository Name is arbitrary.

10.1 Add-ons

To install a new add-on, proceed as follows:

  1. In YaST select Software › Add-On Products to see an overview of already installed add-on products.

  2. To install a new add-on product, click Add.

  3. From the list of available Media Types specify the type matching your repository.

  4. To add a repository from a removable medium, choose the relevant option and insert the medium or connect the USB device to the machine, respectively.

  5. You can choose to Download Repository Description Files now. If the option is deselected, YaST will automatically download the files later, if needed. Click Next to proceed.

  6. When adding a repository from the network, enter the data you are prompted for. Continue with Next.

  7. Depending on the repository you have added, you may be asked if you want to import the GPG key with which it is signed or asked to agree to a license.

    After confirming these messages, YaST will download and parse the metadata and add the repository to the list of Configured Repositories..

  8. If needed, adjust the repository Properties as described in Section 9.3.2, “Managing repository properties” or confirm your changes with OK to close the configuration dialog.

  9. After having successfully added the repository for the add-on media, the software manager starts and you can install packages. Refer to Chapter 9, Installing or removing software for details.

10.2 Binary drivers

Some hardware needs binary-only drivers to function properly. If you have such hardware, refer to the release notes for more information about availability of binary drivers for your system. To read the release notes, open YaST and select Miscellaneous › Release Notes.