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YMacroRecorder Class Reference

#include <YMacroRecorder.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~YMacroRecorder ()
virtual void record (const string &macroFileName)=0
virtual void endRecording ()=0
virtual bool recording () const =0
virtual void recordWidgetProperty (YWidget *widget, const char *propertyName)=0
virtual void recordMakeScreenShot (bool enabled=false, const string &filename=string())=0

Protected Member Functions

 YMacroRecorder ()


class YMacro

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for macro recorders.

Applications should not use this directly, but the static methods in YMacro.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

YMacroRecorder::YMacroRecorder ( ) [inline, protected]


virtual YMacroRecorder::~YMacroRecorder ( ) [inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void YMacroRecorder::endRecording ( ) [pure virtual]

End recording and close the current macro file (if there is any).

virtual void YMacroRecorder::record ( const string &  macroFileName) [pure virtual]

Start recording a macro to the specified file.

virtual bool YMacroRecorder::recording ( ) const [pure virtual]

Return 'true' if a macro is currently being recorded.

virtual void YMacroRecorder::recordMakeScreenShot ( bool  enabled = false,
const string &  filename = string() 
) [pure virtual]

Record a "UI::MakeScreenShot()" statement.

If 'enabled' is 'false', this statement will be commented out. If no file name is given, a default file name (with auto-increment) will be used.

virtual void YMacroRecorder::recordWidgetProperty ( YWidget widget,
const char *  propertyName 
) [pure virtual]

Record one widget property.

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