libzypp 17.31.23
Bit.h File Reference
#include <iosfwd>
#include <string>
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struct  zypp::bit::bit_detail::Gen1Bits< TInt, _size >
 Generate constants with _size trailing '1'-bits. More...
struct  zypp::bit::bit_detail::Gen1Bits< TInt, 0 >
 Specialization for _length 0. More...
struct  zypp::bit::MaxBits< TInt >
 Number of bits available in TInt. More...
struct  zypp::bit::Mask< TInt, _begin, _size >
 A bitmaks of _size 1-bits starting at bit _begin. More...
struct  zypp::bit::Range< TInt, _begin, _size >
 Range of bits starting at bit _begin with length _size. More...
struct  zypp::bit::Range< TInt, _begin, 0 >
 Range specialisation for (illegal) zero _size. More...
struct  zypp::bit::RangeValue< TRange, _value >
 A value with in a Range. More...
struct  zypp::bit::RangeBit< TRange, _pos >
 A single 1-bit within a Range. More...
class  zypp::bit::BitField< TInt >
 An integral type used as BitField. More...


namespace  zypp
 Easy-to use interface to the ZYPP dependency resolver.
namespace  zypp::bit
namespace  zypp::bit::bit_detail


template<class TInt >
std::string zypp::bit::asString (TInt val, char zero='0', char one='1')
 For printing bits.