libzypp 17.31.7 File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <zypp/base/Gettext.h>
#include <zypp/base/LogTools.h>
#include <zypp/base/Algorithm.h>
#include <zypp/base/String.h>
#include <zypp/repo/RepoException.h>
#include <zypp/RelCompare.h>
#include <zypp/sat/Pool.h>
#include <zypp/sat/Solvable.h>
#include <zypp/base/StrMatcher.h>
#include <zypp/PoolQuery.h>
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class  zypp::PoolQuery::Impl
struct  zypp::MyInserter
struct  zypp::EmptyFilter
struct  zypp::PoolQueryAttr
 represents all atributes in PoolQuery except SolvAtributes, which are used as is (not needed extend anything if someone adds new solv attr) More...
class  zypp::StringTypeAttr
class  zypp::detail::PoolQueryMatcher
 Store PoolQuery settings and assist PoolQueryIterator. More...


namespace  zypp
 Easy-to use interface to the ZYPP dependency resolver.
namespace  zypp::detail


#define OUTS(M, S)   case Match::M: return #S; break
#define OUTS(M, C)   case *#C: return Match::M; break
#define OUTS(A)   if ( A != rhs.A ) return A < rhs.A;

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◆ OUTS [1/3]

#define OUTS (   M,
)    case Match::M: return #S; break

◆ OUTS [2/3]

#define OUTS (   M,
)    case *#C: return Match::M; break

◆ OUTS [3/3]

#define OUTS (   A)    if ( A != rhs.A ) return A < rhs.A;

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◆ _range

Edition::MatchRange _range

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◆ _arch

Arch _arch

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◆ _cap

Capability _cap

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◆ attr

sat::SolvAttr attr

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◆ strMatcher

StrMatcher strMatcher

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◆ predicate

Predicate predicate

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◆ predicateStr

std::string predicateStr

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◆ kindPredicate

ResKind kindPredicate = ResKind::nokind

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