libzypp  17.25.10
RpmFlags.h File Reference
#include <iosfwd>
#include <zypp/base/Flags.h>
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 Easy-to use interface to the ZYPP dependency resolver.


enum  zypp::target::rpm::RpmInstFlag {
  zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_NONE = 0x0000, zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_EXCLUDEDOCS = 0x0001, zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_NOSCRIPTS = 0x0002, zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_FORCE = 0x0004,
  zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_NODEPS = 0x0008, zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_IGNORESIZE = 0x0010, zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_JUSTDB = 0x0020, zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_NODIGEST = 0x0040,
  zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_NOSIGNATURE = 0x0080, zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_NOUPGRADE = 0x0100, zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_TEST = 0x0200, zypp::target::rpm::RPMINST_NOPOSTTRANS = 0x0400
 Bits representing rpm installation options. More...