libzypp 17.31.7
YamlTestcaseHelpers.h File Reference
#include <zypp/base/LogControl.h>
#include "LoadTestcase.h"
#include "TestcaseSetupImpl.h"
#include <yaml-cpp/yaml.h>
#include <type_traits>
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namespace  yamltest
namespace  yamltest::detail


#define if_SolverFlag(N)   if ( data[#N] ) { target.N = data[#N].as<bool>(); }


bool yamltest::detail::parseSetup (const YAML::Node &setup, zypp::misc::testcase::TestcaseSetup &t, std::string *err)
template<typename T >
bool yamltest::detail::parseJobs (const YAML::Node &trial, std::vector< T > &target, std::string *err)
template<typename T >
bool yamltest::detail::parseSingleJob (const YAML::Node &jobNode, std::vector< T > &target, std::string *err)
bool yamltest::detail::parseTrial (const YAML::Node &trial, zypp::misc::testcase::TestcaseTrial &target, std::string *err)

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◆ if_SolverFlag

#define if_SolverFlag (   N)    if ( data[#N] ) { target.N = data[#N].as<bool>(); }