libzypp  17.24.1
filter_iterator Class Reference

#include <Iterator.h>

Detailed Description

An iterator over the subset of elements of some sequence which satisfy a given predicate.

Provides boost::filter_iterator and boost::make_filter_iterator convenience function.

See also
template <class Predicate, class Iterator>
make_filter_iterator(Predicate f, Iterator x, Iterator end = Iterator());
template <class Predicate, class Iterator>
make_filter_iterator(Iterator x, Iterator end = Iterator());
Remember the deduction rules for template arguments.
struct MyDefaultConstructibleFilter;
make_filter_iterator<MyDefaultConstructibleFilter>( c.begin(), c.end() );
make_filter_iterator( MyDefaultConstructibleFilter(), c.begin(), c.end() );
make_filter_iterator( resfilter::ByName("foo"), c.begin(), c.end() );

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