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zypp::CombinedProgressData Class Reference

Progress callback from another progress. More...

#include <ui/progressdata.h>

Public Member Functions

 CombinedProgressData (ProgressData &pd, ProgressData::value_type weight=0)
 Ctor. More...
bool operator() (const ProgressData &progress)
 Implements the ProgressData::ReceiverFnc callback interface. More...

Private Attributes

ProgressData::value_type _weight
ProgressData::value_type _last_value

Detailed Description

Progress callback from another progress.

This class allows you to pass a progress callback to a subtask based on a current progress data, plus a weight value. Every progress reported by the subtask via this callback will be forwarded to the main progress data, with the corresponding weight.


// receiver for main task
void task_receiver( ProgressData &progress );
// subtask prototypes
void do_subtask_one( ProgressData::ReceiverFnc &fnc );
void do_subtask_two( ProgressData::ReceiverFnc &fnc );
// main task
ProgressData progress;
//progress for subtask 1
// which is 80%
CombinedProgressData sub1(pd, 80);
// the second is only 20%
CombinedProgressData sub2(pd, 20);
do_subtask_one( sub1 );
do_subtask_two( sub2 );
CombinedProgressData(ProgressData &pd, ProgressData::value_type weight=0)
function< bool(const ProgressData &)> ReceiverFnc
Most simple version of progress reporting The percentage in most cases.
Definition: progressdata.h:140

Definition at line 393 of file progressdata.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CombinedProgressData()

zypp::CombinedProgressData::CombinedProgressData ( ProgressData pd,
ProgressData::value_type  weight = 0 


Creates a ProgressData::ReceiverFnc from a ProgressData object

pdProgressData object
weightWeight of the subtask relative to the main task range.

If weight is 0, or

pdonly reports keepalives. then only ticks are sent.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

bool zypp::CombinedProgressData::operator() ( const ProgressData progress)

Implements the ProgressData::ReceiverFnc callback interface.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ _weight

ProgressData::value_type zypp::CombinedProgressData::_weight

Definition at line 420 of file progressdata.h.

◆ _last_value

ProgressData::value_type zypp::CombinedProgressData::_last_value

Definition at line 421 of file progressdata.h.

◆ _pd

ProgressData& zypp::CombinedProgressData::_pd

Definition at line 422 of file progressdata.h.

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