libzypp  17.25.1
zypp::Locks::Impl Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool mergeList (callback::SendReport< SavingLocksReport > &report)
 Impl ()
const LockSetlocks () const
LockSetMANIPlocks ()
const LockListAPIlocks () const

Public Attributes

LockSet toAdd
LockSet toRemove
bool locksDirty

Private Attributes

LockSet _locks
LockList _APIlocks
bool _APIdirty

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Impl()

zypp::Locks::Impl::Impl ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ mergeList()

bool zypp::Locks::Impl::mergeList ( callback::SendReport< SavingLocksReport > &  report)

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◆ locks()

const LockSet& zypp::Locks::Impl::locks ( ) const

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◆ MANIPlocks()

LockSet& zypp::Locks::Impl::MANIPlocks ( )

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◆ APIlocks()

const LockList& zypp::Locks::Impl::APIlocks ( ) const

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Member Data Documentation

◆ toAdd

LockSet zypp::Locks::Impl::toAdd

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◆ toRemove

LockSet zypp::Locks::Impl::toRemove

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◆ locksDirty

bool zypp::Locks::Impl::locksDirty

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◆ _locks

LockSet zypp::Locks::Impl::_locks

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◆ _APIlocks

LockList zypp::Locks::Impl::_APIlocks

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◆ _APIdirty

bool zypp::Locks::Impl::_APIdirty

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