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zypp::Patch::ReferenceIterator Class Reference

Query class for Patch issue references like bugzilla and security issues the patch is supposed to fix. More...

#include <Patch.h>

Inheritance diagram for zypp::Patch::ReferenceIterator:

Public Member Functions

 ReferenceIterator ()
 ReferenceIterator (const sat::Solvable &val_r)
std::string id () const
 The id of the reference. More...
std::string href () const
 Url or pointer where to find more information. More...
std::string title () const
 Title describing the issue. More...
std::string type () const
 Type of the reference. More...

Private Member Functions

int dereference () const


class boost::iterator_core_access

Detailed Description

Query class for Patch issue references like bugzilla and security issues the patch is supposed to fix.

The iterator does not provide a dereference operator so you can do * on it, but you can access the attributes of each patch issue reference directly from the iterator.

for ( Patch::ReferenceIterator it = patch->referencesBegin();
it != patch->referencesEnd();
++it )
cout << it.href() << endl;

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ReferenceIterator() [1/2]

zypp::Patch::ReferenceIterator::ReferenceIterator ( )

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◆ ReferenceIterator() [2/2]

zypp::Patch::ReferenceIterator::ReferenceIterator ( const sat::Solvable val_r)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ id()

std::string zypp::Patch::ReferenceIterator::id ( ) const

The id of the reference.

For bugzilla entries this is the bug number as a string.

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◆ href()

std::string zypp::Patch::ReferenceIterator::href ( ) const

Url or pointer where to find more information.

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◆ title()

std::string zypp::Patch::ReferenceIterator::title ( ) const

Title describing the issue.

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◆ type()

std::string zypp::Patch::ReferenceIterator::type ( ) const

Type of the reference.

For example "bugzilla"

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◆ dereference()

int zypp::Patch::ReferenceIterator::dereference ( ) const

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ boost::iterator_core_access

friend class boost::iterator_core_access

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