libzypp 17.31.6
zypp::ZConfig::Impl Class Reference

ZConfig implementation. More...


struct  MultiversionMap
struct  TargetDefaults
 Settings that follow a changed Target. More...

Public Member Functions

 Impl ()
 ~Impl ()
void notifyTargetChanged ()
MultiversionSpecmultiversion ()
const MultiversionSpecmultiversion () const
const TargetDefaultstargetDefaults () const
TargetDefaultstargetDefaults ()

Public Attributes

Pathname _parsedZyppConf
 Remember any parsed zypp.conf. More...
Arch cfg_arch
Locale cfg_textLocale
DefaultOption< Pathnamecfg_cache_path
DefaultOption< Pathnamecfg_metadata_path
DefaultOption< Pathnamecfg_solvfiles_path
DefaultOption< Pathnamecfg_packages_path
Pathname cfg_config_path
Pathname cfg_known_repos_path
Pathname cfg_known_services_path
Pathname cfg_vars_path
Pathname cfg_repo_mgr_root_path
Pathname cfg_vendor_path
Pathname cfg_multiversion_path
std::string cfg_kernel_keep_spec
Pathname locks_file
Pathname update_data_path
Pathname update_scripts_path
Pathname update_messages_path
DefaultOption< std::string > updateMessagesNotify
bool repo_add_probe
unsigned repo_refresh_delay
LocaleSet repoRefreshLocales
bool repoLabelIsAlias
bool download_use_deltarpm
bool download_use_deltarpm_always
DefaultOption< booldownload_media_prefer_download
DefaultOption< Pathnamedownload_mediaMountdir
Option< DownloadModecommit_downloadMode
DefaultOption< boolgpgCheck
DefaultOption< TriBoolrepoGpgCheck
DefaultOption< TriBoolpkgGpgCheck
Pathname solver_checkSystemFile
Pathname solver_checkSystemFileDir
bool apply_locks_file
target::rpm::RpmInstFlags rpmInstallFlags
Pathname history_log_path
std::string userData
Option< PathnamepluginsPath
bool geoipEnabled
std::vector< std::string > geoipHosts
MediaConfig & _mediaConf = MediaConfig::instance()

Private Types

typedef std::set< std::string > MultiversionSpec

Private Member Functions

MultiversionSpecgetMultiversion () const

Private Attributes

TargetDefaults _initialTargetDefaults
 Initial TargetDefaults from /. More...
std::optional< TargetDefaults_currentTargetDefaults
 TargetDefaults while –root. More...
MultiversionMap _multiversionMap

Detailed Description

ZConfig implementation.

Enrich section and entry definition by some comment (including the default setting and provide some method to write this into a sample zypp.conf.

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ MultiversionSpec

typedef std::set<std::string> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::MultiversionSpec

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Impl()

zypp::ZConfig::Impl::Impl ( )

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◆ ~Impl()

zypp::ZConfig::Impl::~Impl ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ notifyTargetChanged()

void zypp::ZConfig::Impl::notifyTargetChanged ( )

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◆ multiversion() [1/2]

MultiversionSpec & zypp::ZConfig::Impl::multiversion ( )

Definition at line 707 of file

◆ multiversion() [2/2]

const MultiversionSpec & zypp::ZConfig::Impl::multiversion ( ) const

Definition at line 708 of file

◆ targetDefaults() [1/2]

const TargetDefaults & zypp::ZConfig::Impl::targetDefaults ( ) const

Definition at line 729 of file

◆ targetDefaults() [2/2]

TargetDefaults & zypp::ZConfig::Impl::targetDefaults ( )

Definition at line 730 of file

◆ getMultiversion()

MultiversionSpec & zypp::ZConfig::Impl::getMultiversion ( ) const

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Member Data Documentation

◆ _parsedZyppConf

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::_parsedZyppConf

Remember any parsed zypp.conf.

Definition at line 662 of file

◆ cfg_arch

Arch zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_arch

Definition at line 664 of file

◆ cfg_textLocale

Locale zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_textLocale

Definition at line 665 of file

◆ cfg_cache_path

DefaultOption<Pathname> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_cache_path

Definition at line 667 of file

◆ cfg_metadata_path

DefaultOption<Pathname> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_metadata_path

Definition at line 668 of file

◆ cfg_solvfiles_path

DefaultOption<Pathname> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_solvfiles_path

Definition at line 669 of file

◆ cfg_packages_path

DefaultOption<Pathname> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_packages_path

Definition at line 670 of file

◆ cfg_config_path

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_config_path

Definition at line 672 of file

◆ cfg_known_repos_path

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_known_repos_path

Definition at line 673 of file

◆ cfg_known_services_path

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_known_services_path

Definition at line 674 of file

◆ cfg_vars_path

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_vars_path

Definition at line 675 of file

◆ cfg_repo_mgr_root_path

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_repo_mgr_root_path

Definition at line 676 of file

◆ cfg_vendor_path

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_vendor_path

Definition at line 678 of file

◆ cfg_multiversion_path

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_multiversion_path

Definition at line 679 of file

◆ cfg_kernel_keep_spec

std::string zypp::ZConfig::Impl::cfg_kernel_keep_spec

Definition at line 680 of file

◆ locks_file

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::locks_file

Definition at line 681 of file

◆ update_data_path

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::update_data_path

Definition at line 683 of file

◆ update_scripts_path

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::update_scripts_path

Definition at line 684 of file

◆ update_messages_path

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::update_messages_path

Definition at line 685 of file

◆ updateMessagesNotify

DefaultOption<std::string> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::updateMessagesNotify

Definition at line 686 of file

◆ repo_add_probe

bool zypp::ZConfig::Impl::repo_add_probe

Definition at line 688 of file

◆ repo_refresh_delay

unsigned zypp::ZConfig::Impl::repo_refresh_delay

Definition at line 689 of file

◆ repoRefreshLocales

LocaleSet zypp::ZConfig::Impl::repoRefreshLocales

Definition at line 690 of file

◆ repoLabelIsAlias

bool zypp::ZConfig::Impl::repoLabelIsAlias

Definition at line 691 of file

◆ download_use_deltarpm

bool zypp::ZConfig::Impl::download_use_deltarpm

Definition at line 693 of file

◆ download_use_deltarpm_always

bool zypp::ZConfig::Impl::download_use_deltarpm_always

Definition at line 694 of file

◆ download_media_prefer_download

DefaultOption<bool> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::download_media_prefer_download

Definition at line 695 of file

◆ download_mediaMountdir

DefaultOption<Pathname> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::download_mediaMountdir

Definition at line 696 of file

◆ commit_downloadMode

Option<DownloadMode> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::commit_downloadMode

Definition at line 698 of file

◆ gpgCheck

DefaultOption<bool> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::gpgCheck

Definition at line 700 of file

◆ repoGpgCheck

DefaultOption<TriBool> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::repoGpgCheck

Definition at line 701 of file

◆ pkgGpgCheck

DefaultOption<TriBool> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::pkgGpgCheck

Definition at line 702 of file

◆ solver_checkSystemFile

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::solver_checkSystemFile

Definition at line 704 of file

◆ solver_checkSystemFileDir

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::solver_checkSystemFileDir

Definition at line 705 of file

◆ apply_locks_file

bool zypp::ZConfig::Impl::apply_locks_file

Definition at line 710 of file

◆ rpmInstallFlags

target::rpm::RpmInstFlags zypp::ZConfig::Impl::rpmInstallFlags

Definition at line 712 of file

◆ history_log_path

Pathname zypp::ZConfig::Impl::history_log_path

Definition at line 714 of file

◆ userData

std::string zypp::ZConfig::Impl::userData

Definition at line 716 of file

◆ pluginsPath

Option<Pathname> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::pluginsPath

Definition at line 718 of file

◆ geoipEnabled

bool zypp::ZConfig::Impl::geoipEnabled

Definition at line 720 of file

◆ geoipHosts

std::vector<std::string> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::geoipHosts

Definition at line 722 of file

◆ _mediaConf

MediaConfig& zypp::ZConfig::Impl::_mediaConf = MediaConfig::instance()

Definition at line 725 of file

◆ _initialTargetDefaults

TargetDefaults zypp::ZConfig::Impl::_initialTargetDefaults

Initial TargetDefaults from /.

Definition at line 732 of file

◆ _currentTargetDefaults

std::optional<TargetDefaults> zypp::ZConfig::Impl::_currentTargetDefaults

TargetDefaults while –root.

Definition at line 733 of file

◆ _multiversionMap

MultiversionMap zypp::ZConfig::Impl::_multiversionMap

Definition at line 823 of file

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