libzypp 17.31.1
zypp::parser::RepoindexFileReader::Impl Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for zypp::parser::RepoindexFileReader::Impl:

Public Member Functions

 Impl (const InputStream &is, const ProcessResource &callback)
 CTOR. More...
bool consumeNode (Reader &reader_r)
 Callback provided to the XML parser. More...

Public Attributes

DefaultIntegral< Date::Duration, 0 > _ttl

Private Member Functions

bool getAttrValue (const std::string &key_r, Reader &reader_r, std::string &value_r)

Private Attributes

ProcessResource _callback
 Function for processing collected data. More...
VarReplacer _replacer

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Impl()

zypp::parser::RepoindexFileReader::Impl::Impl ( const InputStream is,
const ProcessResource callback 


See also

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Member Function Documentation

◆ consumeNode()

bool zypp::parser::RepoindexFileReader::Impl::consumeNode ( Reader reader_r)

Callback provided to the XML parser.

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◆ getAttrValue()

bool zypp::parser::RepoindexFileReader::Impl::getAttrValue ( const std::string &  key_r,
Reader reader_r,
std::string &  value_r 

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Member Data Documentation

◆ _ttl

DefaultIntegral<Date::Duration,0> zypp::parser::RepoindexFileReader::Impl::_ttl

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◆ _callback

ProcessResource zypp::parser::RepoindexFileReader::Impl::_callback

Function for processing collected data.

Passed-in through constructor.

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◆ _replacer

VarReplacer zypp::parser::RepoindexFileReader::Impl::_replacer

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