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zypp::sat::Transaction::Step Class Reference

A single step within a Transaction. More...

#include <Transaction.h>

Public Member Functions

 Step ()
 Step (const RW_pointer< Impl > &pimpl_r, detail::IdType id_r)
StepType stepType () const
 Type of action to perform in this step. More...
StepStage stepStage () const
 Step action result. More...
void stepStage (StepStage val_r)
 Set step action result. More...
Solvable satSolvable () const
 Return the corresponding Solvable. More...
 operator const Solvable & () const
 Implicit conversion to Solvable. More...
 operator Solvable & ()
Post mortem acccess to @System solvables
Transaction::Step step;
if ( step.satSolvable() )
std::cout << step.satSolvable() << endl;
std::cout << step.ident() << endl; // deleted @System solvable
IdString ident () const
Edition edition () const
Arch arch () const

Private Attributes

Solvable _solv
RW_pointer< Impl_pimpl
 Pointer to implementation. More...


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &str, const Step &obj)

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &str, const Transaction::Step &obj)

Detailed Description

A single step within a Transaction.

After commit, when the @System repo (rpm database) is reread, all @System solvables within the transaction are invalidated (they got deleted). Thats why we internally store the NVRA, so you can access ident (
See also
sat::Solvable::ident), edition, arch of a deleted package, even if the satSolvable itself is meanwhile invalid.

Definition at line 216 of file Transaction.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Step() [1/2]

zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::Step ( )

Definition at line 385 of file

◆ Step() [2/2]

zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::Step ( const RW_pointer< Impl > &  pimpl_r,
detail::IdType  id_r 

Definition at line 222 of file Transaction.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ stepType()

Transaction::StepType zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::stepType ( ) const

Type of action to perform in this step.

Definition at line 388 of file

◆ stepStage() [1/2]

Transaction::StepStage zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::stepStage ( ) const

Step action result.

Definition at line 391 of file

◆ stepStage() [2/2]

void zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::stepStage ( StepStage  val_r)

Set step action result.

Definition at line 394 of file

◆ satSolvable()

Solvable zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::satSolvable ( ) const

Return the corresponding Solvable.

Returns Solvable::noSolvable if the item is meanwhile deleted and was removed from the pool.

See also
Post mortem acccess to @System solvables.

Definition at line 241 of file Transaction.h.

◆ ident()

IdString zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::ident ( ) const
See also

Definition at line 397 of file

◆ edition()

Edition zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::edition ( ) const
See also

Definition at line 400 of file

◆ arch()

Arch zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::arch ( ) const
See also

Definition at line 403 of file

◆ operator const Solvable &()

zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::operator const Solvable & ( ) const

Implicit conversion to Solvable.

Definition at line 265 of file Transaction.h.

◆ operator Solvable &()

zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::operator Solvable & ( )

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts.

Definition at line 267 of file Transaction.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<< [1/2]

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  str,
const Step obj 

Definition at line 406 of file

◆ operator<<() [2/2]

std::ostream & operator<< ( std::ostream &  str,
const Transaction::Step obj 

Stream output

Definition at line 406 of file

Member Data Documentation

◆ _solv

Solvable zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::_solv

Definition at line 270 of file Transaction.h.

◆ _pimpl

RW_pointer<Impl> zypp::sat::Transaction::Step::_pimpl

Pointer to implementation.

Definition at line 272 of file Transaction.h.

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