libzypp 17.31.23
zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl Class Reference

Creates a file in helix format which contains all controll action of a testcase ( file is known as *-test.xml) More...

Public Member Functions

 HelixControl (const std::string &controlPath, const RepositoryTable &sourceTable, const Arch &systemArchitecture, const target::Modalias::ModaliasList &modaliasList, const std::set< std::string > &multiversionSpec, const std::string &systemPath)
 ~HelixControl ()
void closeSetup ()
std::ostream & writeTag ()
void addTagIf (const std::string &tag_r, bool yesno_r=true)
void installResolvable (const PoolItem &pi_r)
void lockResolvable (const PoolItem &pi_r)
void keepResolvable (const PoolItem &pi_r)
void deleteResolvable (const PoolItem &pi_r)
void addDependencies (const CapabilitySet &capRequire, const CapabilitySet &capConflict)
void addUpgradeRepos (const std::set< Repository > &upgradeRepos_r)
std::string filename ()

Private Attributes

std::string dumpFile
std::ofstream * file
bool _inSetup

Detailed Description

Creates a file in helix format which contains all controll action of a testcase ( file is known as *-test.xml)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HelixControl()

zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::HelixControl ( const std::string &  controlPath,
const RepositoryTable sourceTable,
const Arch systemArchitecture,
const target::Modalias::ModaliasList modaliasList,
const std::set< std::string > &  multiversionSpec,
const std::string &  systemPath 

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◆ ~HelixControl()

zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::~HelixControl ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ closeSetup()

void zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::closeSetup ( )

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◆ writeTag()

std::ostream & zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::writeTag ( )

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◆ addTagIf()

void zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::addTagIf ( const std::string &  tag_r,
bool  yesno_r = true 

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◆ installResolvable()

void zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::installResolvable ( const PoolItem pi_r)

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◆ lockResolvable()

void zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::lockResolvable ( const PoolItem pi_r)

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◆ keepResolvable()

void zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::keepResolvable ( const PoolItem pi_r)

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◆ deleteResolvable()

void zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::deleteResolvable ( const PoolItem pi_r)

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◆ addDependencies()

void zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::addDependencies ( const CapabilitySet capRequire,
const CapabilitySet capConflict 

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◆ addUpgradeRepos()

void zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::addUpgradeRepos ( const std::set< Repository > &  upgradeRepos_r)

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◆ filename()

std::string zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::filename ( )

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Member Data Documentation

◆ dumpFile

std::string zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::dumpFile

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◆ file

std::ofstream* zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::file

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◆ _inSetup

bool zypp::solver::detail::HelixControl::_inSetup

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