libzypp  17.30.2
zypp::debug Namespace Reference


struct  TraceCADBase
 Base for a simple tracer. More...
struct  TraceCAD
 A simple tracer for (copy) Construction, Assignment, and Destruction. More...
struct  Tm
 Times measured by Measure. More...
class  Measure
 Tool to measure elapsed real and process times. More...
struct  TraceLeave
struct  Osd


std::ostream & dumpMemOn (std::ostream &str, const std::string &msg=std::string())
 'ps v' More...
template<class Tp >
void traceCAD (TraceCADBase::What what_r, const TraceCAD< Tp > &self_r, const TraceCAD< Tp > &rhs_r)
 Drop a log line about the traced method. More...
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &str, const Tm &obj)
 \refers Tm Stream output. More...
std::string tracestr (char tag_r, unsigned depth_r, const char *file_r, const char *fnc_r, int line_r)


static constexpr std::string_view OO { "\033[0m" }
static constexpr std::string_view WH { "\033[37;40m" }
static constexpr std::string_view CY { "\033[36;40m" }
static constexpr std::string_view YE { "\033[33;1;40m" }
static constexpr std::string_view GR { "\033[32;40m" }
static constexpr std::string_view RE { "\033[31;1;40m" }
static constexpr std::string_view MA { "\033[35;40m" }

Function Documentation

◆ dumpMemOn()

std::ostream& zypp::debug::dumpMemOn ( std::ostream &  str,
const std::string &  msg = std::string() 

'ps v'

Definition at line 39 of file Debug.h.

◆ traceCAD()

template<class Tp >
void zypp::debug::traceCAD ( TraceCADBase::What  what_r,
const TraceCAD< Tp > &  self_r,
const TraceCAD< Tp > &  rhs_r 

Drop a log line about the traced method.

Overload to fit your needs.

Definition at line 155 of file Debug.h.

◆ operator<<()

std::ostream& zypp::debug::operator<< ( std::ostream &  str,
const Tm obj 

\refers Tm Stream output.

Definition at line 127 of file

◆ tracestr()

std::string zypp::debug::tracestr ( char  tag_r,
unsigned  depth_r,
const char *  file_r,
const char *  fnc_r,
int  line_r 

Definition at line 306 of file

Variable Documentation

◆ OO

constexpr std::string_view zypp::debug::OO { "\033[0m" }

Definition at line 296 of file

◆ WH

constexpr std::string_view zypp::debug::WH { "\033[37;40m" }

Definition at line 297 of file

◆ CY

constexpr std::string_view zypp::debug::CY { "\033[36;40m" }

Definition at line 298 of file

◆ YE

constexpr std::string_view zypp::debug::YE { "\033[33;1;40m" }

Definition at line 299 of file

◆ GR

constexpr std::string_view zypp::debug::GR { "\033[32;40m" }

Definition at line 300 of file

◆ RE

constexpr std::string_view zypp::debug::RE { "\033[31;1;40m" }

Definition at line 301 of file

◆ MA

constexpr std::string_view zypp::debug::MA { "\033[35;40m" }

Definition at line 302 of file