libzypp 17.31.23
zypp::RepoManagerOptions Struct Reference

Repo manager settings. More...

#include <RepoManager.h>

Public Member Functions

 RepoManagerOptions (const Pathname &root_r=Pathname())
 Default ctor following ZConfig global settings.

Static Public Member Functions

static RepoManagerOptions makeTestSetup (const Pathname &root_r)
 Test setup adjusting all paths to be located below one root_r directory.

Public Attributes

Pathname repoCachePath
Pathname repoRawCachePath
Pathname repoSolvCachePath
Pathname repoPackagesCachePath
Pathname knownReposPath
Pathname knownServicesPath
Pathname pluginsPath
bool probe
std::string servicesTargetDistro
 Target distro ID to be used when refreshing repo index services.
Pathname rootDir
 remembers root_r value for later use

Detailed Description

Repo manager settings.

Settings default to ZYpp global settings.

Definition at line 53 of file RepoManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RepoManagerOptions()

zypp::RepoManagerOptions::RepoManagerOptions ( const Pathname root_r = Pathname())

Default ctor following ZConfig global settings.

If an optional root_r directory is given, all paths will be prefixed accordingly.


Definition at line 484 of file

Member Function Documentation

◆ makeTestSetup()

RepoManagerOptions zypp::RepoManagerOptions::makeTestSetup ( const Pathname root_r)

Test setup adjusting all paths to be located below one root_r directory.

root_r\ - repoCachePath
\raw - repoRawCachePath
\solv - repoSolvCachePath
\packages - repoPackagesCachePath
\repos.d - knownReposPath

Definition at line 498 of file

Member Data Documentation

◆ repoCachePath

Pathname zypp::RepoManagerOptions::repoCachePath

Definition at line 79 of file RepoManager.h.

◆ repoRawCachePath

Pathname zypp::RepoManagerOptions::repoRawCachePath

Definition at line 80 of file RepoManager.h.

◆ repoSolvCachePath

Pathname zypp::RepoManagerOptions::repoSolvCachePath

Definition at line 81 of file RepoManager.h.

◆ repoPackagesCachePath

Pathname zypp::RepoManagerOptions::repoPackagesCachePath

Definition at line 82 of file RepoManager.h.

◆ knownReposPath

Pathname zypp::RepoManagerOptions::knownReposPath

Definition at line 83 of file RepoManager.h.

◆ knownServicesPath

Pathname zypp::RepoManagerOptions::knownServicesPath

Definition at line 84 of file RepoManager.h.

◆ pluginsPath

Pathname zypp::RepoManagerOptions::pluginsPath

Definition at line 85 of file RepoManager.h.

◆ probe

bool zypp::RepoManagerOptions::probe

Definition at line 86 of file RepoManager.h.

◆ servicesTargetDistro

std::string zypp::RepoManagerOptions::servicesTargetDistro

Target distro ID to be used when refreshing repo index services.

Repositories not maching this ID will be skipped/removed.

If empty, Target::targetDistribution() will be used instead.

Definition at line 93 of file RepoManager.h.

◆ rootDir

Pathname zypp::RepoManagerOptions::rootDir

remembers root_r value for later use

Definition at line 96 of file RepoManager.h.

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