libzypp 17.31.7
zypp::RepoStatus::Impl Struct Reference

RepoStatus implementation. More...

Public Types

using Checksums = std::set< std::string >

Public Member Functions

void assignFromCtor (std::string &&checksum_r, Date &&timestamp_r)
 Assign data called from RepoStatus ctor (adds magic). More...
void inject (std::string &&checksum_r, Date &&timestamp_r)
 Inject raw data (no magic added). More...
void injectFrom (const Impl &rhs)
 Inject the raw data from rhs. More...
bool empty () const
std::string checksum () const
Date timestamp () const
std::ostream & dumpOn (std::ostream &str) const
 Dump to log file (not to/from CookieFile). More...

Private Member Functions

Implclone () const
 clone for RWCOW_pointer More...

Private Attributes

Checksums _checksums
Date _timestamp
std::optional< std::string > _cachedchecksum


ImplrwcowClone (const Impl *rhs)

Detailed Description

RepoStatus implementation.

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Checksums

using zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::Checksums = std::set<std::string>

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Member Function Documentation

◆ assignFromCtor()

void zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::assignFromCtor ( std::string &&  checksum_r,
Date &&  timestamp_r 

Assign data called from RepoStatus ctor (adds magic).

\Note Changing magic will at once invalidate all solv file caches. Helpfull if solv file content must be refreshed (e.g. due to different repo2solv arguments) even if raw metadata are unchanged. Only values set from a RepoStatus ctor need magic to be added!

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◆ inject()

void zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::inject ( std::string &&  checksum_r,
Date &&  timestamp_r 

Inject raw data (no magic added).

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◆ injectFrom()

void zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::injectFrom ( const Impl rhs)

Inject the raw data from rhs.

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◆ empty()

bool zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::empty ( ) const

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◆ checksum()

std::string zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::checksum ( ) const

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◆ timestamp()

Date zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::timestamp ( ) const

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◆ dumpOn()

std::ostream & zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::dumpOn ( std::ostream &  str) const

Dump to log file (not to/from CookieFile).

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◆ clone()

Impl * zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::clone ( ) const

clone for RWCOW_pointer

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ rwcowClone

Impl * rwcowClone ( const Impl rhs)

Member Data Documentation

◆ _checksums

Checksums zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::_checksums

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◆ _timestamp

Date zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::_timestamp

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◆ _cachedchecksum

std::optional<std::string> zypp::RepoStatus::Impl::_cachedchecksum

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