libzypp 17.31.23
zypp::media::ml_parsedata Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ml_parsedata ()
void doTransition (const transition &t)
void popState ()

Public Attributes

AutoDispose< xmlParserCtxtPtr > parser
ParserState state
std::stack< ParserStateparentStates
int depth
int statedepth
std::string content
int docontent
int gotfile
off_t size
std::vector< MetalinkMirrorurls
size_t blksize
std::vector< UByteArraypiece
int piecel
std::vector< UByteArraysha1
std::vector< UByteArrayzsync
UByteArray chksum
int chksuml

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ml_parsedata()

zypp::media::ml_parsedata::ml_parsedata ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ doTransition()

void zypp::media::ml_parsedata::doTransition ( const transition t)

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◆ popState()

void zypp::media::ml_parsedata::popState ( )

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Member Data Documentation

◆ parser

AutoDispose<xmlParserCtxtPtr> zypp::media::ml_parsedata::parser

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◆ state

ParserState zypp::media::ml_parsedata::state

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◆ parentStates

std::stack<ParserState> zypp::media::ml_parsedata::parentStates

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◆ depth

int zypp::media::ml_parsedata::depth

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◆ statedepth

int zypp::media::ml_parsedata::statedepth

Current element depts expected by the current state, if depth != statedepth we ignore all elements and just increase and decrease depth until they match again. This is basically a helper variable that allows us to ignore elements we do not care about

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◆ content

std::string zypp::media::ml_parsedata::content

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◆ docontent

int zypp::media::ml_parsedata::docontent

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◆ gotfile

int zypp::media::ml_parsedata::gotfile

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◆ size

off_t zypp::media::ml_parsedata::size

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◆ urls

std::vector<MetalinkMirror> zypp::media::ml_parsedata::urls

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◆ blksize

size_t zypp::media::ml_parsedata::blksize

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◆ piece

std::vector<UByteArray> zypp::media::ml_parsedata::piece

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◆ piecel

int zypp::media::ml_parsedata::piecel

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◆ sha1

std::vector<UByteArray> zypp::media::ml_parsedata::sha1

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◆ zsync

std::vector<UByteArray> zypp::media::ml_parsedata::zsync

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◆ chksum

UByteArray zypp::media::ml_parsedata::chksum

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◆ chksuml

int zypp::media::ml_parsedata::chksuml

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