libzypp  17.30.0
zypp::parser::HistoryLogReader::Impl Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 Impl (const Pathname &historyFile_r, const Options &options_r, const ProcessData &callback_r)
bool parseLine (const std::string &line_r, unsigned int lineNr_r)
void readAll (const ProgressData::ReceiverFnc &progress_r)
void readFrom (const Date &date_r, const ProgressData::ReceiverFnc &progress_r)
void readFromTo (const Date &fromDate_r, const Date &toDate_r, const ProgressData::ReceiverFnc &progress_r)
void addActionFilter (const HistoryActionID &action_r)

Public Attributes

Pathname _filename
Options _options
ProcessData _callback
std::set< std::string > _actionfilter

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Impl()

zypp::parser::HistoryLogReader::Impl::Impl ( const Pathname historyFile_r,
const Options &  options_r,
const ProcessData callback_r 

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Member Function Documentation

◆ parseLine()

bool zypp::parser::HistoryLogReader::Impl::parseLine ( const std::string &  line_r,
unsigned int  lineNr_r 

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◆ readAll()

void zypp::parser::HistoryLogReader::Impl::readAll ( const ProgressData::ReceiverFnc progress_r)

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◆ readFrom()

void zypp::parser::HistoryLogReader::Impl::readFrom ( const Date date_r,
const ProgressData::ReceiverFnc progress_r 

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◆ readFromTo()

void zypp::parser::HistoryLogReader::Impl::readFromTo ( const Date fromDate_r,
const Date toDate_r,
const ProgressData::ReceiverFnc progress_r 

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◆ addActionFilter()

void zypp::parser::HistoryLogReader::Impl::addActionFilter ( const HistoryActionID action_r)

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Member Data Documentation

◆ _filename

Pathname zypp::parser::HistoryLogReader::Impl::_filename

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◆ _options

Options zypp::parser::HistoryLogReader::Impl::_options

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◆ _callback

ProcessData zypp::parser::HistoryLogReader::Impl::_callback

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◆ _actionfilter

std::set<std::string> zypp::parser::HistoryLogReader::Impl::_actionfilter

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