libzypp 17.31.23
zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl Class Reference

Helper filtering the files offered by a RepomdFileReader. More...

Public Member Functions

 Impl (Downloader &downloader_r, MediaSetAccess &media_r, const Pathname &destDir_r)
bool operator() (const OnMediaLocation &loc_r, const std::string &typestr_r)
 The callback invoked by the RepomdFileReader.
void finalize ()

Private Member Functions

const PathnamedeltaDir () const
bool wantLocale (const Locale &locale_r) const
void addWantedLocale (Locale locale_r)

Private Attributes

const Pathname_destDir
LocaleSet _wantedLocales
 Locales do download.
std::map< std::string, OnMediaLocation_wantedFiles

Detailed Description

Helper filtering the files offered by a RepomdFileReader.

Clumsy construct; basically an Impl class for Downloader, maintained in Downloader::download only while parsing a repomd.xml. File types: type (plain) type_db (sqlite, ignored by zypp) type_zck (zchunk, preferred) Localized type: susedata.LOCALE

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Impl()

zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::Impl ( Downloader downloader_r,
MediaSetAccess media_r,
const Pathname destDir_r 

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Member Function Documentation


zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::NON_COPYABLE ( Impl  )


zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::NON_MOVABLE ( Impl  )

◆ operator()()

bool zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::operator() ( const OnMediaLocation loc_r,
const std::string &  typestr_r 

The callback invoked by the RepomdFileReader.

It's a pity, but in the presence of separate "type" and "type_zck" entries, we have to scan the whole file before deciding what to download....

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◆ finalize()

void zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::finalize ( )

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◆ deltaDir()

const Pathname & zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::deltaDir ( ) const

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◆ wantLocale()

bool zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::wantLocale ( const Locale locale_r) const

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◆ addWantedLocale()

void zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::addWantedLocale ( Locale  locale_r)

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Member Data Documentation

◆ _downloader

Downloader& zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::_downloader

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◆ _media

MediaSetAccess& zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::_media

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◆ _destDir

const Pathname& zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::_destDir

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◆ _wantedLocales

LocaleSet zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::_wantedLocales

Locales do download.

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◆ _wantedFiles

std::map<std::string,OnMediaLocation> zypp::repo::yum::Downloader::Impl::_wantedFiles

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