libzypp  17.28.8
IOStream.h File Reference
#include <zypp-core/base/IOStream.h>
#include <iosfwd>
#include <boost/io/ios_state.hpp>
#include <zypp-core/base/Flags.h>
#include <zypp-core/base/PtrTypes.h>
#include <zypp-core/base/Function.h>
#include <zypp-core/base/NonCopyable.h>
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class  zypp::iostr::EachLine
 Simple lineparser: Traverse each line in a file. More...


 Easy-to use interface to the ZYPP dependency resolver.
 Iostream related utilities.


typedef boost::io::ios_base_all_saver zypp::iostr::IosFmtFlagsSaver
 Save and restore streams width, precision and fmtflags. More...


enum  zypp::iostr::ParseFlag {
  zypp::iostr::PF_LTRIM = 1 << 0 , zypp::iostr::PF_RTRIM = 1 << 1 , zypp::iostr::PF_TRIM = PF_LTRIM | PF_RTRIM , zypp::iostr::PF_SKIP_EMPTY = 1 << 2 ,
  zypp::iostr::PF_SKIP_SHARP_COMMENT = 1 << 3
 simpleParseFile modifications before consuming a line. More...


std::string zypp::iostr::getline (std::istream &str)
 Read one line from stream. More...
std::ostream & zypp::iostr::copy (std::istream &from_r, std::ostream &to_r)
 Copy istream to ostream. More...
std::ostream & zypp::iostr::copyIndent (std::istream &from_r, std::ostream &to_r, const std::string &indent_r="> ")
 Copy istream to ostream, prefixing each line with indent_r (default "> " ). More...
void zypp::iostr::tee (std::istream &from_r, std::ostream &to1_r, std::ostream &to2_r)
 Copy istream to ostream, prefixing each line with indent_r (default "> " ). More...
int zypp::iostr::forEachLine (std::istream &str_r, function< bool(int, std::string)> consume_r)
 Simple lineparser: Call functor consume_r for each line. More...
 zypp::iostr::ZYPP_DECLARE_FLAGS (ParseFlags, ParseFlag)
int zypp::iostr::simpleParseFile (std::istream &str_r, ParseFlags flags_r, function< bool(int, std::string)> consume_r)
 Simple lineparser optionally trimming and skipping comments. More...
int zypp::iostr::simpleParseFile (std::istream &str_r, function< bool(int, std::string)> consume_r)