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YOptionalWidgetFactory Class Reference

#include <YOptionalWidgetFactory.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool hasWizard ()
virtual YWizardcreateWizard (YWidget *parent, const string &backButtonLabel, const string &abortButtonLabel, const string &nextButtonLabel, YWizardMode wizardMode=YWizardMode_Standard)
virtual bool hasDumbTab ()
virtual YDumbTabcreateDumbTab (YWidget *parent)
virtual bool hasSlider ()
virtual YSlidercreateSlider (YWidget *parent, const string &label, int minVal, int maxVal, int initialVal)
virtual bool hasDateField ()
virtual YDateFieldcreateDateField (YWidget *parent, const string &label)
virtual bool hasTimeField ()
virtual YTimeFieldcreateTimeField (YWidget *parent, const string &label)
virtual bool hasBarGraph ()
virtual YBarGraphcreateBarGraph (YWidget *parent)
virtual bool hasPatternSelector ()
virtual YWidgetcreatePatternSelector (YWidget *parent, long modeFlags=0)
virtual bool hasSimplePatchSelector ()
virtual YWidgetcreateSimplePatchSelector (YWidget *parent, long modeFlags=0)
virtual bool hasMultiProgressMeter ()
YMultiProgressMetercreateHMultiProgressMeter (YWidget *parent, const vector< float > &maxValues)
YMultiProgressMetercreateVMultiProgressMeter (YWidget *parent, const vector< float > &maxValues)
virtual YMultiProgressMetercreateMultiProgressMeter (YWidget *parent, YUIDimension dim, const vector< float > &maxValues)
virtual bool hasPartitionSplitter ()
virtual YPartitionSplittercreatePartitionSplitter (YWidget *parent, int usedSize, int totalFreeSize, int newPartSize, int minNewPartSize, int minFreeSize, const string &usedLabel, const string &freeLabel, const string &newPartLabel, const string &freeFieldLabel, const string &newPartFieldLabel)
virtual bool hasDownloadProgress ()
virtual YDownloadProgresscreateDownloadProgress (YWidget *parent, const string &label, const string &filename, YFileSize_t expectedFileSize)
bool hasDummySpecialWidget ()
YWidgetcreateDummySpecialWidget (YWidget *parent)
virtual bool hasTimezoneSelector ()
virtual YTimezoneSelectorcreateTimezoneSelector (YWidget *parent, const string &pixmap, const map< string, string > &timezones)
virtual bool hasGraph ()
virtual YGraphcreateGraph (YWidget *parent, const string &filename, const string &layoutAlgorithm)
virtual YGraphcreateGraph (YWidget *parent, graph_t *graph)
virtual bool hasContextMenu ()

Protected Member Functions

 YOptionalWidgetFactory ()
virtual ~YOptionalWidgetFactory ()


class YUI

Detailed Description

Abstract widget factory for optional ("special") widgets.

Remember to always check with the corresponding "has..()" method if the current UI actually provides the requested widget. Otherwise the "create...()" method will throw an exception.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

YOptionalWidgetFactory::YOptionalWidgetFactory ( ) [protected]


Use YUI::optionalWidgetFactory() to get the singleton for this class.

YOptionalWidgetFactory::~YOptionalWidgetFactory ( ) [protected, virtual]


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