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Applies to openSUSE Leap 15.5

Part III Managing and updating software Edit source

9 Installing or removing software

Using YaST's software management module, you can search for software packages as well as install and remove them. When installing packages, YaST automatically resolves all dependencies. To install packages that are not on the installation medium, you can add software repositories and YaST to manage them. You can also keep your system up to date by managing software updates using the update applet.

10 Installing add-on products

Add-on products are system extensions. You can install a third party add-on product or a special system extension of openSUSE® Leap (for example, a CD with support for additional languages or a CD with binary drivers). To install a new add-on, start YaST and select Software › Add-On Products. You can select various types of product media, like CD, FTP, USB mass storage devices (such as USB flash drives or disks) or a local directory. You can also work directly with ISO files. To add an add-on as ISO file medium, select Local ISO Image then enter the Path to ISO Image. The Repository Name is arbitrary.

11 YaST online update

SUSE offers a continuous stream of software security updates for your product. By default, the update applet is used to keep your system up to date. Refer to Section 9.4, “The GNOME package updater” for further information on the update applet. This chapter covers the alternative tool for updating s…

12 Upgrading the system and system changes

You can upgrade an existing system without completely reinstalling it. There are two types of renewing the system or parts of it: updating individual software packages and upgrading the entire system. Updating individual packages is covered in Chapter 9, Installing or removing software and Chapter 11, YaST online update. Two ways to upgrade the system are discussed in the following sections— see Section 12.1.3, “Upgrading with YaST” and Section 12.1.4, “Distribution upgrade with Zypper”.

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