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Part III Hypervisor-independent features Edit source

17 Disk cache modes

18 VM Guest clock settings

Keeping the correct time in a VM Guest is one of the more difficult aspects of virtualization. Keeping the correct time is especially important for network applications and is also a prerequisite to do a live migration of a VM Guest.

19 libguestfs

Virtual Machines consist of disk images and definition files. Manually accessing and manipulating these guest components (outside of normal hypervisor processes) is possible, but inherently dangerous and risks compromising data integrity. libguestfs is a C library and a corresponding set of tools designed for safely accessing and modifying Virtual Machine disk images—outside of normal hypervisor processes, but without the risk normally associated with manual editing.

20 QEMU guest agent

The QEMU guest agent (GA) runs inside the VM Guest and allows the VM Host Server to run commands in the guest operating system via libvirt. It supports many functions—for example, getting details about guest file systems, freezing and thawing file systems, or suspending or rebooting a guest.

21 Software TPM emulator

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a cryptoprocessor that secures hardware using cryptographic keys. For developers who use the TPM to develop security features, a software TPM emulator is a convenient solution. Compared to a hardware TPM device, the emulator has no limit on the number of guests t…

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